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MyDetails-Blog-Hop-ImageWelcome to all the news readers coming in for the blog hop, and for those of you who’ve been here before, well, welcome back 🙂 !
Woohoo ! I’m so excited about this blog hop 🙂 !! Today, we’re one week away from the start of the prompts @ myDetails, the awesome new class from Megan & Kristin that’s all about documenting yourself.

Registration for the class is already open and there’s a ton of great pre-class material to check out before the class officially starts next week.
If you feel like registering right now, know that I also have a discount code for you that will save you $2 (lowering the price to $17) and ONE seat to the class to giveaway… so be sure to read this post to the end :).

For your convenience, here is the list of all the blogs participating, be sure to check them all to see everyone’s take on the extra prompt.

For this occasion, we were given an extra prompt to document and I just happened to love that bonus prompt. Seriously ? Thinking ?! This really sparked my inspiration and if I had the time I could easily have produced three pages instead of just this one.

I have to admit unashamedly that I am rather proud of myself for being able to write that part of my story down and for being open about it, it’s made a huge difference for me and I can already see how being enrolled in this class will have a huge therapeutic impact on myself : writing down my stories, documenting about me will help me turn the page, release old stuff that’s holding me back and move on from there. Not to mention that the family albums will from now on be more family i.e. will include stuff about myself, more photos (I’m usually behind the camera), more facts / thoughts.

I started journaling in French, and I knew I wanted to use some of Michelle Godin Designs’s products for the page  but when I browsed through my stash and saw the labeled bits from the B&W collection, the page suddenly just came together completely differently in my head and I had no choice but to go with the flow and write in English (hopefully the text does make sense and is not too poorly written).

20140404-Thinking is not enough

Credits : 

Kit : Black & White by Michelle Godin Designs – Font : Georges, Brushed

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have one spot for the class to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment here before the 12th @ noon CDT (I extended the date of my original offer). In case you want to register for the class before, know that you can still enter the giveaway and if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get a refund. Plus, I have a discount code to get you $2 off the regular price of the class : just enter FIBIDETAILS when checking out.

(Full disclosure : I am part of the My Details affiliate program, which means that if you register using my discount code, I’ll get a small commission which will go to the fund I set up for the independant hosting of this blog. I chose to be part of the affiliate program because I love the material from the pre-class.)

Thanks for stopping by !


10 réflexions sur “myDetails blog hop + give away

    • Yeah, I loved them the minute I saw them (well, I did see them the first time around when I bought the kit, but then, I completely forgot about them… so I feel good twice with this page : for putting it together and for using my stash (with digital, you can’t really destash…)).
      It was so freeing to put the words on paper, even digitally ;p, can’t wait for the other prompts !
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

  1. I love how open and honest you are. It seems like you are finding something that is really working for you. I’m so happy for you!

    This page is beautiful. A lot of my « past » pages in the workshop center around a similar theme, which I’m a little nervous about. It will be so good for us to support each other through the class!

    Also, I wish my French was anywhere near as good as your English! Eliza has been working with me, I’ll get there!

    • I find it so cool that Eliza is working with you on your French 🙂
      I was a bit nervous about sharing the page too (ans excited at the same time to be completely honest), I’m not always sure where the boundary should be beteween sharing and too much information, lol… it’s good to know that there will be support along the way…
      Thanks for stopping by and the class, I feel so blessed already to be part of this great adventure !

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