I’ve been meaning to add the journaling to this page for the last three days but couldn’t find the time. I’m glad that is is now done and am looking forward to moving on to the next prompt from the myDetails online class.

I knew right away that I’d be using motivation and inspiration quotes from my pinterest fitness board. Finding my way back to my weight and fitness levels of 2009-2010 (when I envisioned myself running the NYC marathon on the year of my 40th birthday (this year)) is one of the most important things on my mind at the moment. I’ve started exercising again and keeping a food diary (I track everything on the sparkpeople website which helped me a lot back in 2009 when I started running, weight training….) and am pleased with the results so far : my sleep has improved, so has my mood and I’ve lost a couple of pounds. I intend to kep a journal of this adventure and all the quotes from this page will definitely make it into that journal (once I buy it, which is probably tomorrow).

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