Soco’s latest pack of templates Playing With chevrons N°3 is still available at their discounted price today so if you still haven’t had the chance to make that purchase, you have a couple of hours left to do so. I used the second template from the pack for this page, along with her gorgeous collaboraiotn with ninigoesdigi Look, see, stop, snap

Le dernier pack de templates de Soco, Playing With Chevrons N°3, est encore au prix promo aujourd’hui alors si vous n’avez pas encore eu l’occasion de faire cet achat, vous avec encore quelques heures pour y remédier. J’ai utilisé le second template du pack pour cette page, de même que sa superbe collaboration avec ninigoesdigi Look, see, stop, snap.


Crédits :

Template : Playing with Chevrons N°3 by Designed by Soco – Kit : Look, see, stop, snap by Designed by Soco & ningoesdigi – Font : Courier New

Produits CT utilisés / CT products used :

Playing With Chevrons N°3 by Designed by Soco :

Look, See, Stop, Snap by Designed by Soco & ninigoesdigi :