The new yapluka scraper copycat challenge inspired me the other day. I had the beautiful Life in Harmony – Love collab in my stash that I still hadn’t used : perfect for this page !

Le nouveau challenge yapluka scraper (un lift / copycat) m’a inspirée l’autre jour. J’avais la très belle collaboration Life in Harmony – Love dans mes dossiers que je n’avais toujours pas utilisée : parfaite pour cette page !


Crédits :

Lift from Kinsey Wilson – Kit : Life in Harmony – Love by Ange Designs & Designed by Soco – Style (on &) : Webstyle by Sahin Designs – Fonts : Brush-tip C, Old Stamper, Alyssum Blossom Sans – 


Big boy, big splash (Simply Summer | Digital Ink)

Twice a month a kit get picked up as the Spotlight Kit at Plain Digital Wrapper’s. The previous one for July was We Be Gillin’ by Bubbles Bits (which I used for this page) and the new one is Simply Summer by Digital Ink (Facebook). The bundle is full of goodies in bright colors, perfect for scrapping summer photos (the papers, elements and alpha can be purchased separately).

Deux fois par mois chez Plain Digital Wrapper, un kit est mis en avant. Le précédent kit à être mis sous les feux de la rampe était We Be Grillin de Bubbles Bits (que j’ai utilisé pour cette page) et le nouveau est Simply Summer de Digital Ink (Facebook). Le bundle est plein de chouettes choses dans des couleurs vives et parfait pour scrapper des photos estivales (les papiers, éléments et alpha peuvent être achetés séparément).

20140705-Big splash
20140705-Big splash-L
20140705-Big splash-R

Crédits :

Kit : Simply Summer by Digital Ink – Fonts : Grenouille, Goudy Stout

Chris over at PDW even gave me a GSO for this page :).

Chris, de PDW, m’a même donné un GSO pour cette page :).

Clean & Simple Scrapbooking | Cathy Zielske

I started scrapping digitally in 2005-2006 & stopped shortly after because of a slow laptop which was making the whole process of putting pages together tedious and a real pain instead of being a freeing creative outlet. I didn’t scrap at all for a few years, until I got a brand new faster more powerful laptop in 2011.
That’s when I started scrapping again. Like crazy. I scrapped like I used to in my last pages from 2006-2007 : with few embellishments, no clusters, usually on a white background, focusing on the photos, the story, the people and not on the products used to make the page. Back then I remember I was feeling like I wasn’t really scrabooking because my pages were so different from what I could see in the galleries. But in 2011 I discovered that it’s ok to scrap like I did and loved to, that I wasn’t alone doing this and that it even had a name : clean & simple scrapbooking. How cool was that ?! That’s when I stumbled (among other things) upon Cathy Zielske’s blog and fell in love with her voice, her pages, her style. I tried to buy her books, but with the shipping costs from the US, there was no way I could afford them and I couldn’t find them on at the time.
Cathy Zielske just launched her new website, revamped her brand and I’ve enjoyed tremendously her series of blog posts Anatomy of a Rebrand in which she shares about her scrapbooking journey and how it led her to rebranding (part 1part 2part 3wrap up). These posts are probably the reason I checked her books again. I found used copies (but in good or even very good condition, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to books) and since the seller is located in the UK the shipping costs are not that bad (actually I think that I got a pretty good deal there since both used books + shipping was less than half the cost of one book new !!).
That’s why, as of this morning I am now the lucky owner of Clean & Simple Scrapbooking – The Sequel by Cathy Zielske. The other book, which is actually the first one she wrote, will soon be delivered.


So far, I’ve just flipped through but I can already see that it’s full of everything I wanted, needed. It seems very inspirational and I have « no ragrets » *wink* about buying this book, naw what I’m sayin 🙂 ?!

Paillettes, sequins….

Une page toute simple, pour le challenge Give Me Space sur PDW. Il fallait utiliser le kit Old Rustic Charm – Shabby de Alexis Designs pour une page dans l’esprit « white space ». Je l’aime beaucoup et je suis du coup d’autant plus contente d’être GSO.



Crédits :

Kit : Old Rustic Charm – Shabby by Alexis Designs – Fonts : Foglihten No 04,

Challenge surprise (16-31 juillet 2012)

Il fallait pour ce challenge surprise utiliser le kit escale photographique. Un bon rappel à téléchargement pour moi qui n’avais pas travaillé avec au fur et à mesure de la mise à disposition des parties sur le forum. J’en ai profité pour utiliser le template de Timounette avec lequel je n’avais pas eu le temps de m’amuser au moment de sa sortie et voilà, un specimen original 😀

Crédits :

Template : Template 131 by Timounette – Kit : Escale photographique by PBS – Font : 28 days later

4 mois

Un template de Dumpty qui tombe à point pour scrapper ces « vieilles » photos des 4 mois de mon dernier né. Une séance de pose faite lors d’une balade au Lac de Petichet (plein de photos de cette journée à mettre en page !).

Crédits :

Template : Template 120519 by Dumpty – Kit : Moments like this by Captured Visions – Fonts : Dawning of a new day, Monotype corsiva